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पढाईमा ध्यान कसरी लगाउनु – How to Focus On Study For Long Time

  How to Focus On Study For Long Time

This is the main problem which almost every student faces in their 12th standard which is Concentration. This is the time where everyone faces hell lot of distraction but the one who ignores them or tackles them carefully, becomes successfull. So here is how you can study effectively for hours:

Nepali shayari

1- Study Environment:

Its very important that you set aside a specific place only for studies. Avoid studying on bed and try to sit on a chair and have a desk which has enough place to keep your books. Make sure it is “Distraction Free Zone”. Don’t keep your mobile with you at that time and place. Switch-off your mobile and keep it out of your reach. If you want to use Internet for studying , then remove things which distracts you.

2- Follow Pomodoro technique:

In this technique, Study for 50 mins and take 10 mins break. But, in that 10 min break don’t use mobile because then accidentally the break extends to 20 mins. In that 10 min, do what you like or your hobby (not sleep XD). That 10 mins break is to refresh your mind and then after that you will be able to concentrate better.

3- Learn actively:- When you are studying try to question each and everything like why this is happening or why it was invented etc. And try to make questions whcih can be asked in exams or set questions in a way an examiner or teacher sets the paper. This will not only increase your interest in the topic but also your focus.

4- Reward and punish yourself :- Set a goal and say to yourself that when I will complete my goal i will watch a tv series or eat chocolate etc. And punish yourself if u dont complete your goal like if u love sleeping cut 1 hr of sleep.

5-No SCREEN zone:- Avoid Screen in front of you unless you are studying form internet. Switch off mobile or iPad or shutdown laptop or keep it way ,it should not be in front of you as it is a major source of distraction.

6- Music:- Listening to music can help you concentrate better. If you are listening to instrumental music with low beats then there will be only two things which you are focusing on ,study and music. It’s better than studying with 50 different things running in your mind . But make sure that the song should not have any emotional attachmnet with you.What happens your mind will start recalling memories attached with the song. What I mean to say is that don’t listen to arijit singh’s instrumental song or any bollywood and English instrumental songs. There are instrumental song that is only for studying and you can easily download it form net.

I hope it helps.

Keep smiling

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